How do I configure my Bing ads module ?

How do I configure my module ?

The steps below, will explain what are important parameters to configure before starting use the module. You can ignore others options and let the default values.

Tips : In the module interface you can have more information about an option by clicking on the icon ?

1 >   "Basics settings" Tab

2 > Feed management > Export method

You just need to select how to export your products ( by brands or categories ) and select what you wish export.

3 > Feed management > Exclusions rules

You can define some rules to exlude products.

4 > Feed management > Data feed options

These options let you have more option to handle your data feed. You can configure as you wish.

5 > Feed management> Advanced features

In this tab you can add some news tags in your data feed. This is NOT mandatory. In the future it might be interesting to adjust your data feed with these options

6 > Feed management > Tax and shipping fees

With this option you can use your shipping cost by carrier to export the information in the data feed.

7 > Bing management > Prestashop / Bing categories match

With this option you can match the Bing categories with your shop categories. This is important to segment your ads in Bing

8 > Gestion Bing > Integration with Google analytics

By using this feature you can add your Google analytics tracking code

9 > Bing management > Custom labels

This is an advanced feature to segment your campaigns

For example : you have summer and winter products. With a custom label you can add 2 tags "Summer" for summer product and "Winter" for winter products.

And you will find this 2 tags in your Bing business interface, to have an accurate management for your ads

10 >My feeds

With this interface you have two types of files.

For catalogs under 1,000 products, you can use Fly output URL


For catalogs with over 1000 products you have to use XML file and CRON TASK


CRON tasks are usually set up by editing a crontab file and adding a line.

IMPORTANT : The CRON’s line you’re going to configure must be executed as a web server request by prefixing your line with lynx application (text browser), or any wget / curl commands that implies to use the web server engine. This allows that your request will be successfully executed in the web server context and get all the PHP environment variables as needed for your PrestaShop execution. DO NOT put the physical path of the script, and only put the script URL that you can find in the module’s back-office.

For example:

0 2 * * * lynx -dump > /dev/null

This example will execute the URL every night at 2:00AM (this precise example requires that the text based browser Lynx be installed on the server).

Setup via an online service

Now you can add your catalog on Bing ads

1/ Create a Bing Merchant Center store :

2/ Verify and claim your Website’s URL :

3/ Automatically download from URL

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