How do I display the reviews list in the product description tabs?

If you are not comfortable with technical area, please ask your webmaster for help.


This FAQ only applies to merchants with a PrestaShop 1.7 version.


Here is the procedure to follow if your shop is under a PrestaShop 1.7 version and you want to make product reviews appear into a tab in the "description" block.

First of all, go to the module "Reviews" section and click the "Product Page" tab. For "Your theme layout" select "Standard theme 1.7 with description tabs":



Click "Update" at the bottom right and go one of your product pages that have reviews.

If your theme includes necessary lines of code for displaying content into block tabs, then you should see product reviews in a tab near the product description, as in the example below:



If nothing appears, then this means your theme doesn't include the call to the "hooks" needed to display content in tabs. Indeed, to display reviews into a block tab, it's necessary that your theme uses the "displayProductTab" and "displayProductTabContent" hooks that allow you to add various content into block tabs on your product pages. You will have to add the call to these hooks in the "product.tpl" template of your theme. To do this, follow the following procedure or ask your technical content to do so.

Warning: the following procedure is valid for themes that follow the PrestaShop theme development standards. If this in not the case for your theme, you have to ask your theme editor or technical contact for help.






Product reviews should now correctly be displayed into a block tab, as the examplme below:


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