How to create my LinkedIn app?


To be able to set the LinkedIn connector, you must:

Note: for privacy reasons, LinkedIn does not give access to the e-mail addresses of its users. This does not prevent the creation of an account in 1 click by the module because it creates a "temporary" e-mail address that allows without any problem the creation of the account and the placing of orders. However, customers connecting via LinkedIn will not be able to receive your communications and, in particular, notifications relating to order tracking. This is why we give you the possibility, if you want, to redirect those who connect via LinkedIn on a page allowing them to indicate a functional e-mail address so that they can follow the progress of their order. See the end of this FAQ to find out how to activate this option.



To set a LinkedIn connector on your PrestaShop website, first go to the configuration of your Social Login module and click the "Social login buttons configuration" tab. On the line of the LinkedIn connector, click on the pencil button to configure the connector ("edit" column):



Select YES to enable the display of the connector on your site:



To complete the following information, you must create a Facebook app.

To do this, follow this procedure:


Go to the LinkedIn for developers website and connect with your LinkedIn personal account.

Click on the "My apps" tab of the top menu and on "Create app":



Choose a name for your app:



Select the LinkedIn Page of your company:



Enter the URL of your privacy policy page :



Upload a logo for your app (it's mandatory). It will be visible to your customers when connecting via the LinkedIn button on your shop (we recommend that put use the logo of your shop):



Check the box to accept the rules and then click on "Create app" :



Click on "Verify" to make the use of your LinkedIn Page for your app checked by an administrator of your Page (this may be you):



Click on "Generate URL" to generate the verification URL:



Copy the URL and send it to an administrator of your LinkedIn Page. Click on "I'm done":



If you are the administrator of your Page, simply run the URL in a new tab (if not, an administrator will have to do the next step):

Click on "Verify":




Refresh the tab of app creation: the app should now be associated with your Page:



Indicate the domain of your shop in the "Additional Settings" section and click on "Update":



Now go to the "Auth" tab and copy/paste the client ID in the configuration of the LinkedIn connector in the module:




Do the same with the Secret client (click on the "eye" icon to reveal the code):




Click on "Update".

Re-open the configuration of the connector and copy/paste the redirect URL in the "OAuth 2.0 settings" section of the app configuration and click on "Update":




Go to the "Products" tab and select the product "Sign In with LinkedIn":



Accept the terms and click on "Add product":



Your app is going to be reviewed by Linked (this usually takes a few minutes):



Refresh the page a few moments later, the product "Sign In with LinkedIn" should appear in the "Added Products" section:



Return in the module configuration and configure the Facebook connector position on your site (thanks to the native hooks or the advanced position tool).

Test the connector to verify its function:



For privacy reasons, LinkedIn does not give access to the real e-mail addresses of its users. The module will therefore create an e-mail address of the type: so that the account can be properly created. However, your customers who connect through LinkedIn will not be able to receive order tracking notifications or your communications if they do not provide a functional e-mail address in their account. That is why you have the possibility to display a contact email request to them right after they log in via LinkedIn, explaining that you need it to send them notifications about their order for example. Here's how to do this:

In the module, go to the "Basic settings" tab, scroll down to the "Redirection after login" section, enable the option for requesting e-mail and save:



Your customers will be redirected to an intermediate page like this one which will ask them to enter a "real" e-mail address and then confirm it:


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