How to import my reviews from another review system?

You can import your product ratings and reviews from any review platform that allows a CSV format file export, such as "Verified Reviews" or "TrustPilot". So you keep your history of ratings and comments!

This section only concerns e-merchants with a PrestaShop version 1.6 or a version higher than or equal to

IMPORTANT NOTE: only reviews made by REAL PrestaShop customer accounts can be imported. Our module doesn't allow guest checkout account. Please check in the "ps_product_comment" table that the "id_guest" column is filled out with "0" and "null" values. If not, then the concerned reviews won't be imported.

To import your product reviews from the PrestaShop "Product Comments" module, follow the following procedure:


- First of all, make sure that the reviews you want to import have been approved in the PrestaShop module

- Deactivate the PrestaShop "Product Comments" module

- Activate our module and click on the "Configure" button

- A pop-up is automatically displayed offering you to import your reviews from the PrestaShop native module. You have the choice to import either moderated or unmoderated or both reviews. You also have define a default rating which will be associated with comments that don't have one.

- Click on "import" button

- Once the import is complete, the pop-up will update and show you the number of reviews that have been imported. Also, a list of reviews that have not been imported may appear with, for each of them, the reason why the import failed.

The module allows you to import your old reviews from any review collection system, provided it allows the export of previously collected reviews into a CSV file.

Once you have retrieved your CSV file containing your old reviews, open it with OpenOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel.

With OpenOffice Calc:


With Microsoft Excel (2016 version but it's the same principle with the other versions):


Once your file is open, start by counting the number of columns your file contains, then go to the "Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets" module and click on the "Import your reviews" tab:


A new tab opens. Indicate the total number of columns of the CSV file and click on "Go matching":


A table is displayed with, in the first column, the information that the module needs to import your product reviews. In the second column you have to indicate which column of the CSV file matches with the required information. Finally, you can use the third column to give a default value to the required information if the file doesn't contain it (however, this is not always possible, since, for example, it's impossible to provide default values for your customers' comments...).

Make the matching as in the following example (the matched pieces of information have been circled in same color):



In this example, you see that the column number 3 contains product ID's, therefore you have to indicate into the module that the "product ID's" are in "Column #3", and so on. Since some pieces of information ("Language ID" and "Review title") aren't specified in the file, default values have been given ("English" for the language ID and "First 30 comment chars as title" for the review title).

Once you've finished the matching, click on the "Choose a file" button and fetch your CSV file. Be careful, the file must be in .csv format so you have to take either the original file that has been exported from your old review collection plateform (this is by the bye the solution we recommend), or, if you really want to take the one which has been opened with Excel or OpenOffice, check that you have well saved it in CSV fomat.

Select the separator used in the file (if you import the original file coming from the review plateform, the separator is the one that you had to indicate in the Open Ofiice Calc or Microsoft Excel software when you opened it).

Check the "Do not process the first line (headers)" case if the first line of your CSV file contains the column titles.

Check the "Is a Microsoft Excel CSV?" case if you took a file previously opened with the Microsoft Excel software.

Try to import your file firstly without selecting any input and output encoding (click on "Import").

For example:



If the list of your imported reviews appears, the import was successful. Some reviews may not have been imported for any reason and in this case, the reason will be displayed next to the related review.

If no review is displayed ans that the module shows you this message (with or without a red error message) :


This means that the module was not able to import.

In this case, click "Reload" and re-import a valid file.

This also may be an encoding issue. In this case, note that the module allows you to select an input and an output encoding (charset). Click "Reload", re-do the previous steps and try to give encoding values in order to help the module to read your file text correctly. In general, input encoding will be the one found when you opened the file with OpenOffice or Excel (see above). Output encoding should normally always be UTF-8:


And click again on "Import".

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