How to configure the delay of the rating request sending?

The moment of sending the product rating request e-mail is to configure considering two criteria: a "delay" that you fill in the module and the selection of one or more order statuses:



First you must select an order status (or several) that may correspond to the receipt of the order by the customer.

Then you must indicate a delay that seems reasonable to you between the moment when the order has been placed and the one when the customer may have had enough time to test the product. The time between placing an order and receiving the rating request is defined in number of days. The CRON task must run the CRON URL only once a day.

After a customer has placed an order, the module will send the rating request e-mail after the delay you indicated, provided that the order status matches with one of those you selected.



You have selected the order status "Delivered" in the module and you have specified a delay of 10 days. Moreover, you have configured the CRON task to run every day at 10pm.

A customer places an order on March 17 at 12am. Every day at 10pm, the CRON job runs and the module compares the number of days since the order was placed and the delay you specified. After 10 days, as the number of days passed is equal to the delay, it will check the current status of the placed order. If it is "Delivered" then it sends the rating request e-mail. Otherwise, it postpones the sending(*) and the next day, it makes the same verification until the order status is "Delivered". It then sends the email at that time. Note that if the order status changes to "Delivered" at 3pm, you must wait until 10pm for the email to be sent because CRON task must have been executed first.



(*)technically, the module adds 1 day to the date of the order so that the next execution of the CRON (i.e the next day at 10pm in the example), go again through the process of analysis for a possible rating email sending.

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