How to solve the error concerning the e-mail language folders?

By default, the product rating request e-mails are translated into 4 languages: English, French, Spanish and Italian. So, if a customer places an order on the Spanish version of your website for example, then the e-mail that will be sent to him to ask his feedback on the products purchased will be in Spanish.


If you have other languages than those listed above installed (and active) on your site, then the module will display an error in the "Review e-mails" tab because it does not find the folder containing the translations of e-mails into these additional languages (example below: it does not find the folder corresponding to the German language):

In this case you will have to add the corresponding language folders in the "mails" folder of the module and translate the e-mail templates.


Warning: you must NEVER translate email templates through the PrestaShop translation tool. Indeed, this tool has the defect to remove the headers of the files, but these headers contain the declaration of all the CSS styles used for the rendering of the e-mails... The formatting of the e-mails would then be completely broken.


Instead, proceed as follows:

1/ Connect to your FTP server via your FTP client as "FileZilla" for example.


2/ Go to the module's "mails" folder: gsnippetsreviews/mails/

By default, you should see the 4 folders corresponding to the 4 languages supported by default:


3/ Suppose you want to translate the e-mails into German (the principle is exactly the same regardless of the language). Here's how to proceed:


Repeat this procedure for each of the languages active on your shop and for which there is, by default, no corresponding language folder in the "mails" folder of the module. Don't forget to name the new language folders with the ISO code of the languages.

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