How do I display the review stars in the product list?


First of all, do not forget the procedure below is for technical people, so if you are not, please advise your web agency or technical contact to follow it for you and apply what it's described here, many thanks.

You've got a PS 1.7.0.X version and your theme doesn't handle the both "displayProductListReviews" hook that allow you to display the review stars in the product list page. 

Make sure the hook is not already used in your theme. To check it, it's not complicated because if your theme already executes it, you should see something if youhave configured the module to display empty stars with a custom messages or review stars if you already have reviews on your shop. 

Now, you are pretty sure to use this hook and make it integrated in the product list block so here is the procedure to display the module there:

- Log in your FTP with your FTP Client

- Go to the folder: "themes/your_current_theme/templates/catalog/_partials/miniatures/"

- Download the "product.tpl" file, and edit it locally and add lines as you can see on the screenshot below:

- Just before the close DIV tag, add:

{block name='product_reviews'}{hook h="displayProductListReviews" product=$product}{/block}

- Save your changes

- Upload the modified file in the same directory of course ;-)

- Check if your smarty compile options allow you to take into account changes done in the template files (go to "Advanced parameters > Performance" and allow to recompile template files when changes have been done). If not, activate it to be sure your changes will be applied.

- At last, of course for your "display stars in the product-list.tpl" option, select "yes".

Great, everything should be fine, and your module is displayed well in the desired product list page part like below.

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