Should I add open graph tags in my source code?

Facebook Wall Posts module (or Wall Posts for THE Social Network module) offers to include "open graph tags" in the source code in product files.

In concrete terms, open graph protocol is a set of tags that allows a webmaster to give to main social networks (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Linked In...) accurate information of web pages. This information will allow social networks to better display a link on their pages.

However, if you already have modules that include open graph tags in your code, this is not worth adding them again.

To know if you need to enable the option, you should test if your code contains these open graph tags. Here is the procedure:



If your source code contains these strings, it's that it already includes open graph tags. You needn't to enable the "Add open graph tags" option in the Wall Posts module configuration. So select "No":


If, on the other hand, the search tool doesn't detect any "og:" strings, it's that your code doesn't contain open graph tags and that you will need to include them. In this case, you have to enable the "Add open graph tags" option. So select "Yes":


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