How to submit your app for review?

Following the application of the new General Data Protection Regulation, Facebook requires that merchants who want to publish on their Facebook page trought a module intalled on their shop, first submit their application for validation.

During this evaluation, a "Facebook Reviewer" will verify that you are using your application in accordance with the Facebook rules. To do this, the reviewer will test your application based on the explanations and screencast you have sent him. In concrete terms, he will log in to your back office using the temporary access you have provided him, enter the configuration of the module, connect his own Facebook profile (a test profile) as well as his Facebook Page (a test page) and then make a test publication.

We will guide you to help you validate your application.


Before following this documentation, please make sure:




Once you have completed each of the above steps, you will be able to submit your application for review.


















During your tests, you must be an admin of the app for this to work. Once it's done:

  1. Log in to the shop's back office with the credentials above
  2. On the line corresponding to the "Facebook PS Wall Posts" software click on the "Configure" button that is on the very right side of the screen
  3. Go to the "Facebook application settings" tab. You can see two "CLICK HERE" green buttons. The first one allows the merchant to connect his own Facebook profile to the app. The second one allows him to retrieve the access token to his own Facebook Page (of which he is the administrator)
  4. Click on the first "CLICK HERE" button to retrieve the access token to you own Facebook profile
  5. Click "Continue as..."
  6. Select the Page on which you want to publish and then on "Next"
  7. Finally, click "Done"
  8. Click "OK"
  9. Back in the module interface, click on the underlined text "Click here" to retrieve the access token to your Facebook profile.
  10. Return to the "Facebook application settings" tab and click on the second "CLICK HERE" button to retrieve access to the Facebook Page you want to publish on (and that you have previously selected)
  11. Click on the "Update" green button at the bottom of the page
  12. To test the app operation: go to the "Manual Publication" tab. In "Products" enter the name of a product of the shop. For example: "...". Indicate a title and click on "Publish on Facebook now"
  13. A green message should appear at the top of the page indicating that the post has been published.
  14. Go to your Facebook Page to see the post

As exlained in the video, only the merchant uses the app, privately, through the back office of his shop. The app allows him to connect the back office of his online shop to his own Facebook Page. Through the app, he allows the software, by linking his Facebook private profile, to publish updates of his own products on his own Facebook Page. No publication is made on a third party's Facebook Page and no data of a third party Facebook user is retrieved through the login button.









Accept the platfrom onboarding terms and click on "Submit":





As app's creator, you will receive a developer alert when your submission is approved or returned for changes

If your app is approved, in the "My permissions and features" tab you must have the following 4 permissions:




Once your application has been validated, you still have one more step to take: you must sign a supplemental terms contract to be able to use the Facebook app. To do this, follow our documentation here.


Click here to know more about app review.

Click here to access the explanation page if your app has been returned for changes.


You can also read the Facebook tips about adding notes for each permission request by clicking here.

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