How to submit your app for review?

Following the application of the new General Data Protection Regulation, Facebook requires that merchants who want to publish on their Facebook page, first submit their application for validation.

Here are the steps to follow in order to submit your app for review:















(*)Indeed, the only technical way to allow secure exchanges between your back office and your Facebook page (via an application) is to retreive an unique authentication key (access token). This key is necessary so that, at each publication, Facebook identifies the author of this publication (i.e you) and makes the link with the application you created. But Facebook can only retreive this key by one means: using the "Facebook Login" product, even if our goal is not to install a login button...













Once all steps are completed, click the "Submit for Review" button at the bottom of the page.


As app's creator, you will receive a developer alert when your submission is approved or returned for changes


Here are the messages you should get in your app "My Premissions and Features" tab once validated:




Click here to know more about app review.

Click here to access the explanation page if your app has been returned for changes.


You can also read the Facebook tips about adding notes for each permission request by clicking here.