How to configure Facebook app's parameters?

In order to automatically (or manually) post on your Facebook Page your products, categories or brands, you need to create a Facebook application and configure it correctly. To learn how to do, click here.

Do not activate your app when it is created. Indeed, as explained later in this FAQ, you will have to submit it for review and sign a supplemental contract in order to be able to use it in public mode.

Once your app is created, before sending your request for review, you will have to retrieve into the module the access tokens to your Facebook profile and to the Facebook Page on which you want to publish.

These two actions will allow the module to automatically post on your Facebook Page through the Facebook app, once it has been validated and the contract signed.

To do that, in the "Facebook application settings" tab, below the field of "Your main Facebook PROFILE Access Token", click on the green button "Click here":


You should see this type of message:



Click on "Continue as...". On the next screen, check the Facebook Page on which you want to publish and then click on "Next":



You are asked to check what the application is allowed to do with the Facebook Page you just selected. Check that the "Manage your Pages" and "Publish as Pages you manage" permissions are selected and click on "Done":


Facebook then associates your Facebook personal profile with the app and displays a success message. Click on "OK".

You are redirected into the back-office of the module and the following message should appear:





Click the "Click Here" link to retreive your Profile access token.
Return to the "Facebook application settings" tab. The Profile access token should be filled in:



Now you have to retreive the access token of the Facebook Page you have previously selected when you have linked your Facebook Profile. Click on the second "Click here" button that is below the field "Your Facebook PAGE Access Token":


You should see the name of your Page in the drop-down menu. Select it if it is not already the case:



Click on the "Update" button and return in the "Facebook application settings" tab.

Click on the "Test" button in order to verify that the module is able to publish on your page (do not worry, you will be the only one to see this test post):


If the test publication worked, you should see this type of message:



You can also try to do a manual publication, this one should appear on your Page (but once again you will be the only one, as the Page admin, to see it since your app is not public).

So that everyone can see your posts, you must now submit your application for review by Facebook. For this, please follow this FAQ.

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