How to configure discount vouchers?

The "Mailchimp Pro" module allows you to create customized vouchers to insert into your e-mail templates (newsletters or automated e-mails). When your customer clicks on the link in the email he will see, in new tab of his browser, his discount code displayed. Then, he can find this discount code in his personal account, in the "Vouchers" section. The code can also be displayed in the cart summary page.

To know how to create and insert a custom voucher, please follow the following steps attentively.

First of all, go to the module "Discount vouchers" tab and click on "Add a voucher":



Select the e-mails campaign type for which you want to create this voucher.

Two types of campaign are prefilled by the module: a campaign dedicated to "Best customers" and one to win back lapsed customers. If neither of them matches the type of campaign you want to launch, click on "Other". For example, if you want to send a voucher to customers who have abandonned their cart, click "Other" and when you configure the coupon, you will be able to give a name to this type of campaign (for example "Abandonned Cart"). 

Below we are going to take the example of a campaign sent to reward best customers with a voucher. Regardless of the campaign type you want to send, the principle is exactly the same. We therefore advise you to follow the following steps attentively.

For our example, we have selected the "Best customers" campaign type:



The discount code will be built like this: Prefix-Name of the shop-First name-Alpha-numeric sequence

For example : OFFER-Marieshop-JULIET-C123

You have the possibility to choose the prefix of the discount voucher (for example "OFFER" like the example below). The "Prefix-Name of the shop" part will be the same for all the customers targeted by the e-mail campaign.

The "First name-Alpha-numeric sequence" part will be on the other hand unique for each customer targeted by the e-mail campaign. It consists of the first name of the customer and an alpha-numeric sequence which is a code composed of 4 characters (numbers and/or letters) randomly generated. The discount code will therefore be a unique personal code.



You can then decide to configure the discount as percentage or as sum to be deducted ("amount") at the "Voucher type" field. Below this, enter the value of the discount voucher:



Enter the value of the discount and briefly describe the offer. For example, if this is an offer reserved for your best customers, you can write "Special offer for best customers". Be careful, think that this description will be visible to your customers!

Be careful: don't forget to fill a description for each language installed in your shop otherwise the module will send you an error.
Then, select the (default) category(ies) of the products for which the offer is valid. Click "Check all" to select all the categories:



If you want the offer to be valid only from a minimum purchase amount, indicate this amount in the following field. If not, leave 0.
Define a validity period for the offer (in days). Choose to highlight or not the vouchercode in the order summary, if it is not already present. Then, you can choose to make the discount voucher cumulable with other vouchers or with reduced prices:



Finally, click on the "Create" button. A line summarizing the creation of the discount voucher is displayed:



You will now have to copy the link that will trigger the voucher creation when the customer clicks on it. This link is different depending on the language used. the first thing to do is to select the language from the drop-down menu:



Once you have selected the language, click "Copy to clipboard" in order to copy the link associated to the selected language. If you want to create campaigns in another language than the one you have selected here, you will have to return in the drop-down menu to change the language and to copy the new link.

Go now in your MailChimp interface and edit the e-mail template that you have to create for the given campaign (in our example it will be the automated campaign to reward best customers). In the text editor, where you want, type the text that will make your customers click, such as "Click here to get your code!":



Then, select the text and click on the icon that allows to insert an hypertext link and paste the link given by the module for the selected language:



Click on "Insert" and then continue to write your e-mail as you want. You can also insert the discount code link in a button.

Repeat the previous steps for all the languages in which you want to create the campaign, by selecting the correct language in the drop-down menu of the module and by copying and pasting the corresponding link in the template associated with the corresponding language.

When the campaign is launched, customers who click on this link will be redirected to a tab in their browser and their code will be displayed in it, as in the example below:



The customer will then find his code in his personnal account, in the "Vouchers" section:



This code can also be displayed in the order summary page if you have activated the corresponding option when you have created the voucher. By clicking on the code (in orange below), your customer will be able to automatically paste it into the "promo code" field of the cart to benefit from the reduction:


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