What's the difference between "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" and "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module concerning the shop tab?

To show your products in a Facebook shop section, you can eather use our "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" module or our "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" one.


The difference "in a word":

Our "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module import your products in the native Facebook "shop" tab via a product feed. You configure the product data you want to send to Facebook (as a Google Merchant Center feed) and you schedule the automatic data import in the catalog available in the Facebook Business Manager. This catalog is connected to the shop tab, so updating the catalog update your Facebook shop.

Or "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" module works very differently. It doesn't use the Facebook default "shop" tab. It creates a "customized" tab, you can name as you want, that is a real showcase in real time of your PrestaShop site. The display of this Facebook shop works through an app and its management is totally independant of the Facebook Business Manager. Contrary to the Facebook native tab, this tab is completely customizable and multilingual. However, please note that since May 2019 Facebook only allows custom tabs creation for pages with more than 2000 fans.


Comparative table:

Whichever solution you choose, they each have their advantages and disadvantages.
Here is a table that will help you to make a choice between the two modules. It indicates if the feature you're looking for is possible with the tab natively offered by Facebook (and then if you have to choose the "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module) or if you have to create a custom tab (and so choose the "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" module):


You want... Custom shop tab: managed by our Advanced Shop for Fan Page  module Native shop tab: managed by our Dynamic Ads + Pixel module
To choose the name of the "shop" tab of your Facebook page x  
To have a multilingual and multicurrency shop tab x  
To customize the styles and colors of your Facebook shop x  
To display a banner on the header of your Facebook shop pages with your logo for example x  
To display a banner (that can be different according to the language) in the home page of your Facebook shop x  
To display a slideshow in the home page of your Facebook shop (by combining the Presta-Module Ads & Slideshow module) x  
To create and integrate a completely customized top menu on your Facebook shop as on your PrestaShop site (or integrate your advanced menu you created with the Presta-Module Advanced Top Menu module) x  
To display a customized footer with text and link x  
To display a customized pagination x  
To enjoy a "standalone" mode to preview your Facebook shop before making it visible to everybody x  
Not to have to submit your products for facebook review and be able to display products that would be rejected in the native tab x  
To display products as they are in real time on the PrestaShop site (changes are intantly visible) and not to have to wait for the next automatic synchronization for an update x  
To manage your Facebook shop completely independently from the Facebook Business Manager (no need for a Business Manager account) x  
To display, not only the featured products but also the featured categories, and their associated image, on the home page of your Facebook shop x  
To display the sub-categories associated with the displayed category for easy access x  
To display average rating stars of your products on your Facebook shop (provided you have our Customer Ratings and Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets product rating module installed on your PresatShop site) x  
To have a shop tab visible in the Facebook mobile app   x
Not needing to have more than 2000 fans   x
To advertise on your shop tab products (with everything that goes with: audiences, statistics, tracking, …)   x

To get statistics on your Facebook shop activity (number of views, clicks on each product) directly in Facebook without having to use Google Analytics

To identify products in Facebook and Instagram publications and stories   x
To keep complete control over product data sent to Facebook thanks to data feed configuration   x
To give to your visitors the opportunity to see a product in an "advanced" view before reaching its product page on the PrestaShop site to finalize their order   x
To give to your visitors the opportunity to "subscribe" to receive notifications every time you add a product   x

To be able to create Facebook collections (product categories) different from those present on your PrestaShop site and this, directly from the shop tab

To be able to share your Facebook shop / a collection / a product on another page you manage / your timeline / a friend's timeline / in a group / in an event / in a private message   x
During previous sharing, to be able to identify friends, locate you, indicate a mood, limit the visibility of the publication accoriding to democraphic criteria (place/sex/age/language)   x
To give your visitors the opportunity to save a product in their personal profile (in the "saved items" section of your profile which then allows them create personal collections)   x
To give your visitors the opportunity to comment a product including a photo or a video of use of the product they bought for example   x


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