What to do if I don't have the "Check Out on Website" button on my products in the Facebook shop?

To allow your Facebook visitors to finalize their order on your website, you have to see the "Check Out on Website" button when you click on a product in your Facebook shop:



If a "Contact" button appears instead, it's due to a wrong configuration when the shop tab was created. Please note that this is in no way due to the module. This is a configuration issue on your Facebook page tabs side only.

Indeed, Facebook offers two types of shop: a shop that redirects users to your website to finalize their payment and a shop that allows users to contact you to know more about the product concerned (but that does not redirect to your site).

Click here to know more on the two types of shop section.


If you note that this is the "Contact" button and not the "Check Out on Website" button that is displayed on your Facebook shop products, the only way given by Facebook to modify the type of shop section is to start from scratch. Follow the following procedure:


















The catalog that was connected to your old shop tab is normally always present but it is not connected to your new shop tab. It was connected to your old shop tab but it was removed. You can either keep it, for example if you have launched advertising campaigns on the products in this catalog, or delete it, by going into the catalog settings (however, be sure that the catalog data is not used anywhere, because everything will then be stopped or deleted). Anyway, this catalog will no longer be used for your shop tab.

You should normally see a new catalog created by Facebook when you added a new shop tab to your Facebook page. It is this new catalog that is now connected to your shop tab and it is in this catalog that you will have to re-import and re-schedule the automatic updates of your products. For now, it does not contain any products:



This catalog isn't connected to an advertising account yet (it is only connected to your Facebook page) and you don't have any role assigned on this catalog yet. But, to be able to add products and see them appear in the shop tab, you must be an administrator of the catalog. Moreover, to be able to identify your products in your Facebook and Instagram publications and stories, you must connect the catalog to the advertising account that owns the Facebook page on which you have set the shop tab. To do this, follow the steps below:









If this is not the case, assign yourself the catalog admin role by going to the "People" tab ("Users" section in the left menu), by clicking on your personal profile and then on "Assign Assets". Select "Catalogs" and then assign the role of catalog admin. Save changes:



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