How to set a sign-up MailChimp form?

The module allows you to use Mailchimp's newsletter sign-up forms. 

In the "Users list sync & newsletter forms -> Newlsetter sign-up forms" tab, go to the "Mailchimp sign-up form" sub-tab and enable the use of a Mailchimp form:



In your Mailchimp online account, access the list (audience) you have chosen for synchronizing your users, by clicking on "Audience" in the top menu and selecting the right list in "Current Audience". Click on the "Manage Audience" menu and select "Signup forms":


Click on "Form builder" to build and customize the fields of your form:


Through the "Build-it" sub-tab you have the ability to configure the fields that will appear in your form. Be careful, if you want GDPR fields to be displayed, first select the related option in the module, via the "General settings -> Users list choice" tab. To know more, click here to read our FAQ about the GDPR fields display.



Each time you want to add a field, select it in the "Add a field" column. To modify a field and its text click on the related field: then you find yourself in the "Field settings" column. Configure the fields in one of the languages of your shop, you will then have the possibility to translate the texts through the module.
Note: some fields cannot be modified here (e.g. the label of the "Subscribe" button, the sentence explaining the asterisk of the mandatory fields "*indicates required", ...). It doesn't matter, leave them as they are for the moment, you will then be able to modify them directly in the module, as explained in our FAQ on the subject.

Warning: do not delete a field, prefer to hide it (check "hidden" in "Field settings") if you do not want it to be visible to your visitors. Indeed, When you delete a field from the Form Builder, any data that has been collected from that field is permanently deleted from your audience. 



To know more about list fields, click here.


Warning: do not click on the "Design it" sub-tab to change the appearance of your form, nor on the "Translate it" sub-tab to translate your form. You will be able to manage the design of your form and the translation of texts directly into the HTML code of the form, once you have copied and pasted it into the module (see our FAQ on the subject).


Once you have built and configured your form fields, click again on "Signup forms":



Regardless of how you want to display the form you want to use, and even if you want it to appear as a pop-up window, click on "Embedded forms" (and not on "Subscriber pop-up"):



Here, you have the possibility, among other things, to change the title of the form, to decide to display only the mandatory fields, to customize the size of the form ( "Form width" field), etc... :



Be careful again, if you want to display the GDPR fields, enable the option directly in the module, and not, as indicated here, in the "Audience Name and Defaults".
Do not touch the "Enhance your form" part.

Once you get the desired visual through the preview (be careful, we are not talking here about the styles and colors that will be configured directly in the HTML code of the form, in the module), click in the window displaying the HTML code of the form. Copy the code and paste it into the module, in the corresponding window and for each language activated on your shop:



Don't forget to paste the code in all languages. The management of the form through the module is independent for each language. You can therefore adapt the texts and design of the form for each language. Navigate between languages using the drop-down menu to the right of the HTML code window.

Click here to access our FAQ dedicated to the translation and design of your form.


Then choose the display type you want for your form:



According to the chosen display type, a list of additional options appear:


Dedicated page

If you choose the "Dedicated Page" display type then the form will appear on a page of your website dedicated to the newsletter subscription. In the footer of your site, where the PrestaShop native newsletter block is normally implemented, a text will appear as well as a button to redirect visitors to this page.

You have the possibility to customize the text of the link, for each of the languages of your shop:



Once the text has been written in each language, click "Save" and go to see the rendering on your site (in the footer):



By clicking on the "Subscribe" button, visitors are redirected to your sign-up form on a dedicated page:



Pop-up form

If you choose the "Pop-up form" display type then the subscription will be made through a pop-up window.

The module offers you to modify the pop-up size by clicking on drop-down menus corresponding to the width and height (in pixels) of the pop-up:



Be careful: note that the width indicated into the HTML code has priority over the width indicated in the pop-up form options. Therefore, if you indicate a width of 1000px into the HTML code and a width of 600px in the pop-up option, then the final width of the pop-up window will be of 1000 px.

Indicate how many times you want the sign-up form to appear to your visitors, when they arrive on your site:



Define on which page(s) the pop-up have to appear (hold down the CTRL key to select multiple pages):



The appearance of a pop-up may be perceived as intrusive. That's why you have the possibility to allow your visitors to stop seeing the pop-up:



You can add promotional text to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter. This message will be placed at the top of the form, on the image if you add one (see the next option). Don't forget to write a message for each language:



For each language of your site, you can insert an image (which may be different according to the languages). It will be placed at the top of the form. This will make it more attractive. Select YES for the "Do you want to include a banner?" option:



Then select the image to be displayed, for each language:



Finally, if you have added a promotional text, you can adjust its alignment on the image:



When you select a central alignment, the module offers you to adjust the margins in order to adapt this central position to the lenght and styles chosen for your promotional text. Indeed, the central position of a text on an image strongly depends on text styles. Indicate a numerical value between 1 and 100 (the unit is the percentage but do not indicate it, only indicate the numerical value):



Warning: the pop-up form is only configurable through the module. Do not configure it in your Mailchimp account through the subscriber pop-up menu.

Click "Save" and go to see the rendering on your site.





Embedded block form (will replace the native block)

If you want the form to appear in the footer of your site, where the PrestaShop native newsletter block is positioned, for example, then select "embedded block form".


Use the shortcode

If you want to place the form in a specific location on your site, select "Use the shortcode", copy the piece of code given by the module and paste it into the templatesof your theme. 

Then, return in the module and click on "Save".

Finally, go to see the rendering on your site.

Example, here the shortcode has been pasted so that the form appears under the product description:


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