How to send abandoned cart notifications to different list segments?

If you already tried to create an abandoned cart campaign from the pre-configured "Abandoned Cart Notification" automation, you should have noticed that it is not possible, at the time of creation, to configure the sending of this automation to only a specific segment of your list. Only the time period following the cart abandonment is configurable:



If you want to write different notification templates for different segments of your list, you must go through the creation of a "Custom" automated campaign.


For that, in the "Campaigns" menu, click on "Create Campaign":




In the menu, select "Email" and click on the "Automated" subtab:




Click on the button "Custom":



Give a name to this first campaign dedicated to a first segment of your list. We recommend that you indicate in the title to which segment of the list this campaign is dedicated. For example, if it will be sent to English-speaking contacts, you can write: Abandoned Cart EN

Select the audience (list) that is concerned (the segment will be to select in a secind time):



Click on "Begin".

If you want to set the options of the campaign, click on the "Edit Settings" button under the title of your campaign. In this FAQ we will only tell you how to choose the right trigger, select a segment from your list and choose the right e-mail template. We let you configure the other options according to your objectives.


In "My Custom Workflow" part, on the line corresponding to the trigger click on "Edit":



Click on "Change trigger":



In "Select a new trigger" click on the "E-Commerce" sub-tab and then on "Abandoned Cart" to trigger the sending of the notification e-mail when a cart is abandoned on your site:



Define a delay between the time the cart is abandoned on your site and the sending of the e-mail, for example 6 hours:



Select your store:



Remember to save by clicking on "Update Trigger" on the top right:



Check that the trigger has been updated with the correct sending time and store:



For the sending schedule we recommend that you leave the default settings "Every day, all day" so that the email is sent regardless of the day of the week and time of day. However, if you want to change it, you can do so by clicking on "Edit" in the "Schedule" line:



We will now select the segment of the list to which you want to send this e-mail template. To do this, click on "Add" at the "Filter by segment or tag" line:



Check the "Choose segment or tag" box:



Select your list segment:



Finally, do not forget to click on "Save Segment" on the top right:



Check that the list segment you have selected has been taken into account by clicking on "Conditions" on the "Filter by segment or tag" line:



If you want to set up a post-send action, click "Add" on the corresponding line, but we will not talk about this in this FAQ.

Click now on "Design Email" to select an e-mail template for this campaign:



Fill in the e-mail information such as the internal name, subject or sender's name as you wish, then click on "Next":



Mailchimp offers you e-mail templates already pre-designed for "abandoned cart" campaigns. We advise you to take one of these templates. You can choose another template but you will have to make manual additions such as the link to the user's cart, whereas if you take an already pre-designed template, several parameters will already be pre-included.

For the example, we select the "Basic Abandoned Cart" template but choose the e-mail template that best matches what you want to do. Once your selection is done, Mailchimp automatically moves you to the next step.



Write and design your e-mail as you want. It is just essential that you insert a link to the user's cart page so that he/she can go there and finish his/her purchases. If you have chosen one of the templates proposed above, this link is already included. However, you can change the text of the link/button as you want. If you have accidentally deleted the link, here is how to add it:


Link behind a text:

Hover over the text which will redirect the user to his/her cart and click on the link icon in the menu:



Select "Abandoned Cart Page":



Then click on "Insert":



The link to the user cart will be inserted behind the text.


Link through a button:

In the "Content" tab, click on the "Button" element and drag and drop it where you want:



By default Mailchimp should automatically insert a button that will send the user directly to the cart page (make sure you have the "Abandoned Cart Page" link selected), so you have nothing to do but change the text and design of the button of course. Don't forget to click on "Save & Close" once you have finished configuring the button :



Once your e-mail is designed, you will just have to click on "Save And Continue" and start the sending.


All the previous steps are then to be repeated for each list segment to which you want to send a different e-mail template (for example in a different language), changing each time the destination segment and of course the design / content of the e-mail.

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