How to create a Facebook app for the Wall Posts module?

To work, the module needs a Facebook application that will authenticate that it is you, the Facebook Page administrator, who publish on the Page through the module.

First of all, make sure that the Facebook personal profile you are going to use (yours or a profile created for the occasion) is an administrator of the Facebook Page on which you want to publish. In the rest of this FAQ, we will consider that this is your personal profile (we will talk about "your Facebook profile"), it is up to you to create one especially for this kind of operation.

You must also have a Business Manager account (free creation), in order to be able to authenticate your business. For more information, click here.


Go to the Facebook for developers site and log in using your Facebook profile.

Click on "My apps" menu and select "Create app":



Enter a name for this app: you can for example write the name of your shop or the name of the module. Enter your contact e-mail address (business email address) and pass the security check (reCAPTCHA check generally):




You have just created a new app. You will now have to set it up and link it to your Wall Posts module. First go to the menu on the left and click on "Settings" -> "Basic":



Copy your app ID and paste it into the module "Facebook Application Settings" tab in "Your Facebook Application ID" field:



Click on "Show" to get the app secret key. Facebook should ask you to re-enter your Facebook profile password to get the key. Copy and paste the secret key into the module, just below the app ID:




Don't forget to click on the "Update" green button of the module to save the identifiers of the application you just entered:



Return to your app configuration.

Leave empty the "Namespace" field.

In "App Domains" enter the domain of your PrestaShop site. In the URL of your online shop, this is what is after https:// (and, if present, after www):



In "Privacy Policy URL" and "Terms of Service URL" fields, copy and paste the URLs of the corresponding pages of your site (this can be the same URL).

Upload an image for your app, for example your shop's logo. You can upload a JPG, GIF, or PNG file. The size of the image must be between 512 x 512 and 1024 x 1024 pixels and of 5 MB maximum.

Select the business use "Support my own business" and the category "Shopping":



Then, the following message appears:



Indeed, to be able to manage your Page and publish on it thanks to the app, you must ask permission to use the features "pages_manage_posts" and "pages_read_engagement" (the request will be sent once you have finished configuring your app, as you can see at the end of this FAQ). These features cannot be used without verify your business and signing a supplemental terms contract, as a security measure.

So, before you continue to configure your application, go to this FAQ to follow the verification process of your business. Once you've done that, come back here. You will have to sign the contract once you have obtained approval to use the "pages_manage_posts" and "pages_read_engagement" features, as you well see at the end of this FAQ.

Once your business is verified, you get the "verified" status in the "Business verification" part: 



If your business is subject to the GDPR European regulation (General Data Protection Regulations), please provide the contact details of the person responsible for processing personal data (DPO) in your company:



Click on "Save Changes" at the bottom of the page.

You will now indicate that you are using this app for your website. Click on "Add Platform" and select "Website":




In the "Website" box that appears you must indicate the URL of your website. Here, we strongly advise you, in order to facilitate the request for authorization to use the features of page management and publishing, to indicate the URL of the back office of your shop, and not the URL of the site visible by your customers. Indeed, the application is only used by you (to publish on your own Facebook Page), through the back office of your website (to publish information about your products) and when you request approval, you will have to indicate the URL on which the app can be tested by the reviewer. It is therefore the URL of your back-office that you will have to give. Indicate the right URL here will make it easier for the Facebook verification team to understand.

Don't forget to save changes.



Now go to the menu on the left and click on the small "+" next to "Products":



In "Add a product" find the "Facebook Login" product and click on "Set up":



In the left menu, click on the "Settings" tab:



Generally, this Facebook Login product is used to allow website visitors to connect to a site using their Facebook profile IDs. But, as far as our module is concerned, the app and this product will be used for another purpose. The "Facebook Login" product will allow the app to authenticate that it is you, the Facebook Page administrator, who publish on the Page, through the Wall Posts module. The application will therefore link your personal Facebook profile (only your public profile information), the Facebook Page of which you are an admin and your PrestaShop shop.

In the "Valid OAuth Redirect URLs" field, copy and paste the URL given to you in the module, just below the previously pasted identifiers:



Click on the button "Save Changes".

The configuration of the app is finished. However, you must not enable it for the moment because you must first send the request for authorization to use the app "pages_manage_posts" and "pages_read_engagement" features.



Leave it disabled (in development mode) and finish configuring the module by linking your Facebook administrator profile and your Facebook Page to the module through the app. To do this, follow this FAQ. You will be able to make publication tests on your Page, but with the app disabled, your posts will only be visible to you, as Page administrator.

When you have finished configuring the module, send your authorization request following the instructions available here.

Once your app has been approved for the "pages_manage_posts" and "pages_read_engagement" features, you will need to sign the supplemental terms contract before you can use your app in public mode and your fans can see your posts.

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