What to do if I get errors or warnings on my theme rich snippets?

After testing the presence of rich snippets on your site's pages, as explained in the documentation available here, Google may display errors and/or warnings about data markup compliance.

Our "Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets" is not intended to correct the bad rich snippets markup of your theme. It can only perform the product markup if this one is not already done by your theme (see our FAQ on this). It is therefore up to your theme editor or, if this is not possible, your technical contact to correct these errors or warnings.

Errors (red messages in Google Structured Data Testing Tool) must be corrected because they are blocking for indexing and rich snippets display into search results.

Regarding warnings (orange messages in Google Structured Data Testing Tool) it is strongly recommended to reduce them as far as possible. Indeed, the higher the quality of your markup, the more likely your product pages will be well indexed and your structured data will be displayed in search results(*).
Please note that for optimal markup, the data must be properly structured in the code AND visible on your product page. Indeed, if Google detects structured data that is not visible on the product page, the indexing of your site may be penalized. According to Google's policy, any structured data must be visible to any user (see official documentation). That being said, some of the data Google expects is not necessarily easy to provide. For example, Google waits for the expiration date of the product price to be indicated and structured in the code. If this is not the case, Google will send a warning. However, if your product is not on a limited promotional offer or if its price is not intended to be changed in the near future, it may be difficult to show this information somewhere on the product page... When it is really impossible for you to provide information, simply ignore the warning. Provide as much structured data as possible and make them visible on your product pages. The more you meet these requirements, the more likely you are to be well indexed and have search results that are "enriched" with valuable data.


(*)That being said, please note that even if your rich snippets are fully compliant and do not generate any errors in the structured data test tool, ONLY Google decides whether or not to display rich snippets in the natural results of its search engine... In fact, Google reserves the right not to display your rich snippets if they do not bring a high quality search experience for all the users. To know more, visit our FAQ on this topic.


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