Why doesn't my rating request pop-up appear?

When one of your customers clicks to rate one of your products, either through a rating request email or directly on your site, a pop-up should appear containing the rating form. If instead, this type of message appears: 



this means that the module has encountered a problem that prevents it from opening the pop-up.

This may be due to a performance optimization module that performs caching of your site's content, such as the "PageCacheUltimate" module or the "Ultimate Cache" one for example. If you are using this kind of module on your site, you need to create an exception for the "Customer Ratings & Reviews Pro + Google Rich Snippets" module so that it can access the information needed to open the rating pop-up.

If it doesn't change anything, it's probably due to a 500 error on your site. In this case, please follow the FAQ here.


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