How to configure the Google Shopping Actions feature of the module?

To get started go to the Google Shopping Actions tab of your module and click on the "Get my API key" button:



Create an account on the interface of our application which will make the link with Google's service:



Login with your new credentials and copy your API key from the "User profile" tab:



Paste it into the module and click on "Save":



Fill in your Merchant Center ID and indicate the group in which you want to register customers ordering via the Google Shopping Actions service: votre ID de compte Merchant Center et indiquez le groupe dans lequel vous souhaitez enregistrer les clients commandant via le service Google Shopping Actions :



Click on "Save" at the bottom right of the screen.


Configure the "Carriers management" part by following this FAQ. Once it's done, click on "Save".

In order to be able to manage orders from Google Shopping Actions directly through your PrestaShop back office, you have now to connect your shop with Google's API. To do so, click on the "Connect your shop with Google API" button:



Select the same Google Account that you use to manage your Google Merchant Center account:



Click on "Allow" to grant our app permission to connect your PrestaShop store to Google's services via its API:



Confirm your permission:



You are then redirected to the module configuration.

Now that your shop is connected with the Google's API, all you have to do is perform integration tests to verify that the exchanges between the Google Shopping Actions service and your shop are working properly. To do so, please visit this FAQ.

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