How to activate "Enhanced Link Attribution" of Google Analytics?

Enhanced Link Attribution improves the accuracy of your In-Page Analytics report by automatically differentiating between multiple links to the same URL on a single page by using link element IDs.

To know more about the Google Analytics "Enhanced Link Attribution", click here.


If you want to use the Google Analytics "Enhanced Link Attribution", activate the corresponding option in the "Basic settings" tab of the module:



In your Google Analytics online account, click on the "Admin" tab in the menu on the left:



In the properties column, select the one corresponding to the tag installed on your site (to know how to create a property click here):



Click on the "Property Settings" tab:



Scroll down to the "In-Page Analytics" section and enable the "Use enhanced link attribution" option, and save :



You can also use the "User-ID" feature, click here.

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