How do I fix a problem with my alias.php file ?

In prestaShop 1.5, until version, there is a bug in the /config/alias.php file which causes to display [Fatal error] messages when it is even a simple notice or warning coming from anywhere in PrestaShop (not necessarily the module itself), and this causes great problems with any AJAX calls, as the JavaScript function which then processes the content is not expecting to see this error message and it can crash the whole process.

On Google Merchant Center, a sure sign of this happening is to get a JavaScript alert that will says "Failed to retrive list of tags" as soon as you get to the module's configuration screen, or a "Error updating feed" alert when attempting to regenerate one of your feeds.

On Facebook PS Wall Posts or Facebook PS Photo Albums, it is the Token Authentication procedure that will fail in the second step even though you did everything right.

Fortunately, this is easy enough to fix. 

1) Download this corrected alias.php file from our server. It comes from PrestaShop
2) Unzip the downloaded .zip file and extract the alias.php file
3) On your server, via FTP, download your original alias.php file from the /config folder, rename it to alias.php.bak and upload it back so as to have a backup
4) Upload the corrected alias.php file

That's it ! Your problems should now be gone.

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