How to configure priority events for iOS14?

Apple has announced that its iOS 14 operating system will be accompanied by changes in the protection of its users' data. Specifically, Apple will prevent the collection and sharing of certain data unless users of iOS 14 devices authorize it.

To prepare for this change and to enable advertisers to continue running effective campaigns while preserving user privacy, Facebook has implemented a specific protocol to handle events from iOS14 devices. This is the Aggregated Event Measurement tool. To learn more, read our FAQ on the subject.


Here we explain how to best configure the Aggregated Event Measurement tool according to the events detected by our pixel on your site.


Login to your Business Manager account. Click on the menu icon and on "Events Manager" (it should be in the "Shortcuts" part of the menu):



Select your pixel in the left column:



Scroll down in the right window and click on the "Aggregated Event Measurement" tab and then click on "Configure Web Events" :



First of all, you must have your domain checked. To do this, click on "Verify Domain" and follow the procedure indicated. You can also follow the official Facebook documentation or the Facebook developer documentation.

Once this is done, click on the number representing the number of events already configured (normally it should be 0 if you have never configured any before):



Then, click on "Edit Events":



An information pop-up appears. Click on "Edit":



On the right side of the screen, click on "Add Event" :



Select the pixel associated with the domain:



Then click on the drop-down list of events next to it:



By default, Facebook has listed for you the most relevant events for your business based on the performance of your ads, if you have already made campaigns based on pixel events. It is possible that not all events of the pixel are displayed yet (as in our example, where there are only 4). The missing events have not yet been triggered enough times to be displayed here. When you have enough information, they should be displayed. For now, start by selecting the available ones and prioritizing them.

For example, select the "Purchase" event, which is surely the most important event for you (i.e having the highest priority):



Then click again on the "Add Event" button and repeat the 2 previous steps to select a new event. Do this for a maximum of 8 events that you have chosen as priority. In the example above, there are only 4 of them available so here we get a list of 4 events, but we advise you to add as many as possible (up to 8):



Rank them in order of priority, knowing that the highest event will be the most important. You can do this by clicking and dragging an event, like this:



To know the priority between events, think about what is most important for the optimization of your advertising campaigns. For example, if the "Add to cart" and "Search" events are saved on the same conversion window, Facebook's Aggregated Event Measurement tool will only retain one event, the one you have defined as having priority over the other. If you prefer to save an "Add to cart" event rather than a "Search" event, then place the "Add to cart" event higher than the "Search" one.

Here's what we think is consistent as a priority order for some standard events recorded by the pixel of the module:



You also have the possibility to enable the "Value Optimization" option for the events, if it is available. To know more about this option, click here.

Do not forget to click on "Submit" once your events are created and ranked. Check the box to accept changes and click on "Apply":



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