How to add a GA4 property to my existing UA property?

From version 2.0.0, our Google Analytics Pro module uses the Google GA4 tag to collect data from your website. You must therefore create a GA4 property for your website in your Google Analytics account in order to collect the data of your website in your Google Analytics account.

If you only have a UA (Universal Analytics) property, you only need to associate it with a GA4 property. The UA property will remain unchanged and continue to collect data. Creating a new GA4 property will not affect your UA property and you will still have access to your UA property and its history. The new associated GA4 property will simply give you access to new reports, complementary to those of your UA property.

To associate a GA4 property with your UA property, use the following procedure:

Log into your Google Analytics account and select the "Admin" tab in the left menu:



In the "Account" column, check that the account on which you have created the Universal Analytics property for your website is selected and in the "Property" column select this UA property:



Still in the "Property" column, select "GA4 Setup Assistant" (if you don't see it, it means that a GA4 property is already associated to your UA property and you don't need to follow this FAQ):



In the "I want to create a new Google Analytics 4 property" section, click on "Get Started":



Click on "Create property":



Your GA4 property is now created and associate with your UA property.

Click on "See your GA4 property" to position yourself in the GA4 property:



In the "Property" column you can see that you are now in the GA4 property. Click on "Open associated property" to return to the UA property:



At any time you can switch from one property to another through the "Property" column of the "Admin" tab:


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