Where to find the tracking ID of my UA property?

In the "Universal Analytics tag" tab of the module, you need to fill in the tracking ID of your Universal Analytics (UA) property. Indeed, this will be used to make the link between the tracking code installed on your site and the interface of your Google Analytics account so that you can analyze the data.

If you have not yet created a Universal Analytics (UA) property, click here to follow the procedure. You will also learn how to enable e-commerce tracking and enhanced e-commerce reporting.


To retrieve this ID, login to your Google Analytics online account and go to the "Admin" tab in the left menu:



In the properties drop-down menu, select the Universal Analytics property, i.e. the one whose ID starts with "UA":



Then click on "Property settings" tab:



Copy and paste the tracking ID into the "Universal Analytics tracking" of the module, after activating the UA tracking, and then save:



To know how to activate the e-commerce tracking and enhanced e-commerce reporting, go to the end of this FAQ.

You can now start to analyze your e-commerce reports. To know more about enhanced e-commerce reports of Google Analytics, click here.

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