How do I change CSS & templates files in order to integrate my theme ?

Are you having display / integration problems with our module ?

It is PrestaShop's policy that all modules must be integrated on the standard default PrestaShop theme. And it is moreover technically impossible for a module to be compatible with all custom themes because it would require coordination between the 2500 modules and 1500 themes available on PrestaShop Addons, which represents millions of combinations and probably several centuries of work...

That being said, below is a presentation of the various CSS and template files that are good to know when integrating our module with a theme:

Here is the file structure of our module :

Here is how the module can look on a standard PrestaShop theme:


The template file is : templates/hook/home-display.tpl

The CSS file is : css/hook.css for PrestaShop 1.4 and hook15.css for PrestaShop 1.5

The hook.css file is always included and it is where you will find the main CSS styles. All CSS classes start with .hpprttabs

That being said, for those of you with no technical knowledge and that doin't know CSS syntax, we recommend our partner, Profileo, and their webmastering business unit, Profileo Live. They offer webmastering tickets at a very reasonable (at least for France) price of 70€ per hour. Simply contact them by e-mail at 

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