Why aren't my new products posted automatically?

1. The automatic post management option for new products may be set up to post on a delayed basis

If you want your product to be posted automatically when it is created, you must select "Post on product creation" for the "Automatic posts management for new products" option:



BE CAREFUL: if you are under PrestaShop 1.6 we advise you not to select this option, prefer to select "Put in queue and delayed post". We explain you why in this FAQ.

In addition, whatever your version of PrestaShop, please note that if you select "Post on product creation", your product will be posted as soon as you click on the "Save" button when creating your new product, even if you have not finished filling in its information. For this reason, we advise you to select instead "Put in queue and delayed post" and, once your product has been fully created, go to the "Delayed Posts" tab of the module and start its publication.


2. Your new products may not be activated

Make sure that you have activated your new products:



3. The main categories of your new products may not be selected

In the module configuration, go to the "Categories selection" tab, and make sure that the main (i.e. "default", or "parent") categories of the new products are well checked (and don't forget to click on "Update" once your categories are selected):


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