Why are my posts no longer working ?

Sometimes, all of a sudden, your automatic Facebook posts will no longer work.

To find out why, you can try the "Test" button at the bottom of the module's configuration screen, and this will display the response from Facebook.

But, in almost every case, it is because of 1 of 2 reasons:

1) You (or the person who initially authorized the application) changed their Facebook password. When you change your Facebook password, all applications to whom you granted access in the past will be revoked.

2) You have not used the module in a long time. If a Facebook application is not used in over 60 days (meaning you have not posted anything on your page with the module in over 60 days), then its authorization token is also revoked.

Either way, there is only one thing to do: start over the authentication procedure. It is clearly explained in the module's PDF documentation(visit the Help & Documentation tab) but, essentially, you just need to click the 2 links circled below and follow the instructions on screen.