How to create a Facebook app for the Advanced Shop for Fan Page module?

Be careful : Facebook allows custom tabs creation only for Facebook Pages with more than 2000 fans. So make sure that it's well the case for your Page before creating the app.

To show your products in a custom Facebook shop, you must create un "custom" tab on your Facebook Page. This requires the creation of a Facebook application. 

To create this app, go to the Facebook for developers website and login with your Facebook profile. Then click on "My apps" tab in the menu:



Click on "Create App":



This application will be used to showcase your products on your Facebook Page. You must therefore select "Manage Business Integrations" for the type of application you are going to create. Then click on "Continue":



Choose a name for this application to find it among others in your "Facebook for developers" account . Be careful, some terms like "Facebook" are not allowed for application names.



Enter the e-mail address where Facebook can contact you about your application:



Indicate that you will be using this app on behalf of "Yourself or your own business":



If you have a Business Manager account, select it and click on "Create App":



Check the box "I'm not a robot" to pass the security check and click on "Submit":



You have just created your application. Now you have to configure it.

In the menu on the left, click on "Settings" and then "Basic":



At the top of the window, click on your application ID to copy it:



and paste it in the "Facebook application settings" of the module, in the "Your Facebook Application ID" field:



Go back to your app's configuration and click to show the app secret key :



Enter your Facebook password so that Facebook verify your identity and click on "Submit":



Select the secret key just displayed and copy it into the same module's tab as before:



Do not forget to save the tab:



Go back to your app's configuration.

Leave empty the "Namespace" field.

In the "App domains" field enter the domain of your website, i.e the part of the URL that follows the "https://" (and, if present, after "www"). For example for the URL site "", you only have to enter "":



Indicate the URLs of your privacy policy and terms of service in the corresponding fields. Note that it can be the same URL :



Upload an icon for your app and check that the purpose of the app "Yourself or your own business" is selected:



Finally, select the category "Shopping" and save the changes:



Some app permissions and features may require business or individual verification to access live data. This is not the case for this app, so you can skip this step.

Enter the contact details of the data protection officer in your company and click on "Add Platform":



Select "Website":



Enter the URL of your website and save :



Click again on "Add Platform" and this time select "Page Tab":



You have to enter the URL of your Page tab. To do this, go to the "URL / SSL settings" tab of the module and copy the URL that is in the field "Your module's URL to copy / paste":



Paste it in the "Secure Page Tab URL" field:



Choose a name for this custom tab that will appear on your Page. This name will be visible to the public, so be relevant in the name. For example: "Our shop", "Our products" or simply "Shop". Save the changes.



The configuration of your app is now complete. You can now finish configuring your module in order to, among other things, link this app to your Facebook Page. To do so, click here to follow our documentation.