What do Google Tag Assistant "suggestions" mean?

You may get suggestions from Google Tag Assistant. Note that they are only suggestions and in no way will impede the functioning of the dynamic remarketing of your site. You can just ignore them. But if you want to know more, follow this FAQ.

Some suggestions result from certain option settings in your back-office, while others are linked to the basic structure HTML code in Prestashop.

Still let's look at the most frequent suggestions and see how to use them.

"Missing line breaks may cause issues"

If you have a PrestaShop version lower than, this suggestions can be the result of the option "Compression of Javascript in the HTML code" which is active in the back-office. When this option is active, all javascript code in the template will be compressed and there is no carriage return, which may be considered as an error by the Google Tag Assistant.  

"Code should be placed directly above the closing <body> tag"

This suggestion highlights the fact that javascript and noscript codes must be put in front of the tag "<body>". This may be impossible for a module to do this because even the footer hook doesn't allow to include a code just before this tag, since there several "</div>" tags in each theme before the tag "</body>". 

"Both <script> and <iframe> used"

This is the most mysterious message because it isn't even documented the help forum of Google assistant. At present, it is impossible to avoid.

Once again these suggestions in no way will impede the functionning of the dynamic remarketing of your site. You can just ignore them.

For more information, consult the following link to the help page concerning errors and suggestions generated by Google Assistant   https://support.google.com/tagassistant/answer/2978937?ref_topic=2947092

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