How to do if the pixel does not trigger?

If you have a version of the module lower than or equal to 1.2.17:

If you note that the pixel helper doesn't trigger, like the example below:



it's probably due to a change made by your theme in the footer.tpl template in charge of the footer display.

Here is what you have to do, or ask your webmaster to do in order to check this:

Open the footer.tpl template of your theme. IF your theme respects the PrestaShop development standards, you'll find it here:

Once the template is opened, look for the character string:

This string allows the call to the PrestaShop footer hook which allows, through a suite of call to functions, the triggering of the pixel. If you don't find this string or if it's placed in comments, then the call to the footer hook isn't done and the pixel can't be triggered.

Then, you must ask your webmaster or theme editor to restore the call to the PrestaShop footer hook.


Whatever the version of the module:

Whatever the version of the module (even if this is extremely rare for versions higher than or equal to 1.2.18) this may come from a JavaScript error that occures before pixel execution. In this case, follow the FAQ on the detection of a JavaScript error and if you notice an error, contact us so that we tell you what to do.

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