How do I get the module to look right and integrate correctly on my custom theme ?

This is a common problem between modules and themes, and not just on PrestaShop, but on any Open Source software, even Wordpress.

Developers of PrestaShop modules are required to test their modules on the native versions and with the default PrestaShop theme for all versions indicated as being compatible (1.5, 1.6, 1.7 ...)


Conversely, PrestaShop theme developers are only required to test their themes with the native PrestaShop modules that are packaged with the main solution.


Though we understand this may be frustrating to you as a merchant who just want for things to work so you can focus on your business, it is unfortunately simply technically and physically not possible for module developers to make their modules compatible with the thousands of custom themes out there.

PrestaShop Addons' Legal Terms and Conditions do not provide any sort of warantee for this.

Refunds are not granted for integration problems, unless it is proved that the module causes display problems on a native version of PrestaShop, i.e. with the default PrestaShop theme.


Free support from our technical team for integration problems will be limited to giving you the CSS files and templates of the module that you will be able to modify and possibly, in some cases, give you names of style classes you will have to work on.

We do not provide any customization service to adapt our modules to your theme, even if you wish to pay for it. We are module editors and not a web agency. Please contact your agency or webmaster.

Thank you for your understanding.