What are the prerequisites for the images of my products?

TikTok requires at least one image per product. If a product that you want to send to TikTok does not contain an image, the module will not export it because it is a requirement from TikTok and it will be refused. So make sure that all the products you want to export contain at least one image.

Furthermore, the images must be in JPG or PNG format and have a size of at least 500x500 pixels. The module allows you to select the appropriate image format in the "Basic settings" tab:



By default, the module exports all the images of each product. The "image_link" attribute corresponds to the link to the main product image and the "additional_image_link" attributes to the additional images. You can export up to 10 images per product (limit imposed by TikTok)

If you want to export only the cover image (main image) of each product, change the option "Do you want to export additional images?" to NO:



Note: to ensure that the attributes "image_link" (link to the main product image) and "additional_image_link" (link to an additional product image) do not generate an error when generating your product data feed, check that the "Your Prestashop's URL" field is filled with the URL of your store's front office and that it does not have a "/" at the end. See our FAQ on the subject.


To learn more about TikTok's product data requirements, click here.

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