What are the localization prerequisites ?

In order to generate your product data feeds for specific "Language/Country/Currency" combinations, you must have the corresponding localization packs installed AND have activated the relevant language, country and currency on your store. Indeed, as explained below, the module relies on the activated localization data to generate your feeds since Facebook must be able to control the consistency between the feed data and the data on your site. If, for example, you use a currency in your feed that is not offered on your store, Facebook may send you an error and this will impact your ads.

To install the localization packs, go to the "International" -> "Localization" tab of your PrestaShop back-office menu, then to the "Localization" sub-tab. In the "Import a localization pack" section, select the country corresponding to the pack and leave the default boxes checked. Then click on "Import":



To check that the language and currency of the pack are activated, go to the "Languages" and "Currencies" sub-tab.

To check that the country is activated, go to the tab "International" -> "Locations" and to the sub-tab "Countries".



If you want to display your ads in English (US English), but in the country "France" and display prices in euros, you must install, in addition to the localization pack corresponding to the United States, the one corresponding to France. The France country and the euro currency must also be activated.


By default, the module will offer you all the consistent "Language/Country/Currency" combinations that can be created from PrestaShop's native localization packs, (provided that languages, countries, currencies are installed and activated) and that make sense for your users. For example, it will create the combination Spanish/US/USD since the Spanish community in the USA is large, but it will not offer you the much rarer German/US/USD.

However, you might want to target a particular community in a country, or, with the help of a third party module, you might have installed a specific localization package, not offered natively by PrestaShop. In this case, the module will not offer you the corresponding combination by default. But there is a solution!
If none of the default "Language/Country/Currency" combinations offered by the module match the one you want to create, you have the option to build an additional feed with your custom combination (provided that the language, country and currency of this custom combination are installed and activated). To find out how to do this, please visit our dedicated FAQ. However, in order to keep your ad performance high, we advise you to always create "logical" combinations, that make sense. An ad in Polish, shown in Brazil, would not be of much interest and would be very little promoted by Facebook.

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