Why is the number of conversions in Google Ads lower than I expected?

First of all, as a reminder, the role of the Google Ads conversion tracking tag is to record in your Google Ads account only the orders (conversions) that have been placed following a click on one of your Google Ads ads, in order to be able to analyze the profitability of your campaigns. It is therefore normal for the number of orders displayed in your Google Ads account to be lower than the number of orders on your site.

Moreover, because ad and cookie blockers like AdBlock in your customers' browsers prevent tags like Google Ads Conversion Tracking from working, you'll never have 100% of the conversion data resulting from an ad sent to Google Ads.

Finally, if on the other hand you don't see any orders coming up in your Google Ads account, then we invite you to test your tag here to check its technical implementation and then find out what to do based on the result.

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