What to do if an error (red text) is displayed in the Tag Assistant?

If when you test the conversion tag, a red error text appears, the tag doesn't work.

First of all, be aware that this may simply come from installing the AdBlock plugin in your browser. If you have installed this plugin, disable it and retest the conversion tag. If the text goes green then the problem wasactually AdBlock and your conversion tag is working properly.

If the error doesn't come from AdBlock, we explain below the procedure to solve this problem, according to your module version:


For module versions < to 2.2.7:

If your module version is strictly lower than 2.2.7:


This will avoid confusion between the two conversion tags.



If some of these prerequisites are in yellow, do what is indicated in the detailed text displayed in yellow fields, in order to disable some back-office options that may generate problems.


For module versions > or = to 2.2.7:

If the problem isn't solved, it could be a JavaScript error introduced by another module on your shop, which prevents our module tag from working properly.  In this case, please read our "How do I get your module to work without javascript errors?" FAQ to know how to proceed.

Note that if you have the 2.2.7 module version but a version of PrestaShop between and, if you have activated the option "Move JavaScript to the end" in the back office of your PrestaShop ("Advanced Parameters" -> Performance), this can be problematic for Google. Disable this option and try again, it should work.