What events are recorded by the module and sent to Google Analytics?

In addition to the automatically collected events, which are listed here, here is the list of additional events supported by the tag installed by our module:


view_cart : when a user views their cart

view_item : when a user views an item

view item_list : when a user sees a list of items/offerings (categories, promotions, best sales, brands, etc...)

view_promotion : when a promotion is shown to a user

select_item : when a user selects an item from a list

select_promotion : when a user selects a promotional item (only on the page listing the items on promotion)

remove_from_cart : when a user removes items from a cart

add_to_cart : when a user adds items to cart

add_to_wishlist : when a user adds items to a wishlist

add_shipping_info : when a user submits their shipping information

add_payment_info : when a user submits their payment information

begin_checkout : when a user begins checkout

purchase : when a user completes a purchase

generate_lead : when a user enters the contact form

refund : when a refund is issued

Login : when a user logs in

Signup : when a user signs up. This allows to measure the popularity of each sign-up method (e.g via a Google account, an e-mail address, etc.)

search : when a user performs a search

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