What is the difference with the "Official Pixel Facebook" module?

Our "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module is much more complete than the PrestaShop "Official pixel Facebook" module.

The official module only supports the Facebook "pixel" part (tracking events on your site). The product data import can therefore only be done through this pixel, provided there is an activity for these products. Moreover, your product page code must contain the correct "microdata" tags to be able to send the information on Facebook, otherwise it won't work. You will not have product information collection if your theme does not contain the necessary tags. You also have no control over the type and amount of information that will be sent and when it will be updated. 

Unlike the official module, our module not only offers you a complete tracking of your site's activity thanks to the pixel placement, but also a very complete product data feed configurator, totally independent of the pixel, which allows you to keep control over the exact product data sent on Facebook. Multiple rules and options allow you to choose the products (selection by categories/brands, advanced exclusion rules, ...) but also the information to be sent (type of product title, description, availability parameters, management of shipping costs, ...) as well as the tags to put on these products (pattern, age group, ...) to then easily segment your catalog. Your product information is grouped in a file that you will be able to import into Facebook's Business Manager and that you will be able to schedule to be updated automatically at a frequency that you will define, independently of the activity on your site and the presence of microdata on your product pages.
Your product export being completely independant from the pixel integration, you will be able to use all the e-commerce features of Facebook, and not only advertising as with the official module. Indeed, thanks to the creation of a product data file to be imported into the Business Manager, you will be able not only to advertise but also: create a Facebook shop, create an Instagram shop, identify your products in your Facebook/Instagram publications and stories, participate in Instagram Shopping, sell on the Facebook marketplace etc... All these possibilities are not possible with the official module.
Finally, please note that our module also allows you to personalize the conversion values reported by the pixel, including or not including taxes, shipping fees or wrapping fees.

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