Why don't certain click events appear in my Google Analytics reports?

If certain click events, such as "add_to_wishlist" or "add_payment_info" do not appear in your reports, it may be because your theme does not use the default HTML elements.

You must then ask your technical contact to indicate the HTML elements to be taken into account instead of the default ones.

To do this, go to the "Event customization" section of the "Advanced settings" tab of the module. For each event triggered by a click, we have indicated the default HTML element used:



If your theme uses other HTML elements, specify them by replacing the default ones.

For example, if instead of using the HTML element "button.wishlist-button-add", your theme uses the custom element "button.wishlist-button", then replace ".button.wishlist-button-add" by "button.wishlist-button" in the add-to-cart event field:



Don't forget to save.

Go back to your store and add an item to your wishlist. Wait a few moments, then open, for example, your "Real Time" report: "Event count by event name". You should see the add-to-wishlist event appear.

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