How to test my conversion tag?

To see if conversion tracking on your shop works, after a clic on one of your Google Ads campaign, you'll need to test the "conversion tag" trigger. This tag is a tool that will register the conversion values (price and currency) and will take care to send them, or not, in Google Ads interface. Indeed, please note that these conversion values will be sent in your Google Ads account ONLY IF the conversion comes from one of your Google Ads campaign.

Here is the procedure to correctly test your tag. Please make all the steps and in the right order:


To test the conversion tag working, you need to make a test order and to do that, you first have to choose what payment method you want to use for this test.

If you want to use your credit card because you have a direct payment module installed in your shop, in this case the following steps don't apply to you (direct payment modules automatically enable the "accepted" order status once the order is validated) and you can directly go to step 2.

However, if you want to use an indirect payment method, ie a payment by check or by bank transfer, in this case apply the following procedure:

Here is the example of the "Waiting for payment by check" status (this is the same procedure for the "Waiting for bank transfer" status):


In Google Chrome's browser (if you don't have Chrome, you can easily install it by clicking here), install the Google assistant tag by copying and pasting this link or by clicking here if you already are in a Chrome's browser.

After having installed the tag assistant, open a tab and go to your shop's front office. In this tab:

- disable any ad blocker that may be installed (such as "ad block" for example)

- enable the tag assistant by clicking on its icon in the top right corner of the browser and by selecting "Enable":


In the tab where you have enabled the assistant tag (see step 2), make your test order, by using a payment method that validates the order after having accepted the payment (see step 1).

Once you are in the order confirmation page, look at the Tag Assistant icon at the top right corner of the browser:

You should see a little number (see below). By clicking it, you should see your Google Ads conversion tracking ID. If you have a module version higher or equal to 2.2.7, you should also get the "Global site tag" that is automatically set up by Google.

Your conversion tracking tag works if the icon or the text that appears at the bottom of the tag assistant window is either in green, or blue, or yellow.

If the text is in red, the tag doesn't work and in this case click here to know how to solve the problem.

Important: if the tag works then technically everything is set for a correct tracking in Google Ads. If you don't see any conversion values appear in your Google Ads interface, it will either be that the orders placed by your customers have not been made after clicking on one of your Google Ads campaign, or that your Google Ads account has been set incorrectly and in this case, we advise you to contact the Google team directly.

If you click on the Google Ads Conversion Tracking ID you should get the conversion values which match with your order:

When your customers place an order, these conversion values will be sent to Google Ads if and only if the conversion was made after a clic on a Google Ads campaign.

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