Where can I find my conversion ID and label?

In the "Basic" tab of the Google Ads Conversion Tracking Pro module, you have to enter two codes: your Google Conversion Tracking ID and label:



To know where to find these codes, follow the procedure below:

In the interface of your Google Ads account, in the left-hand menu, click on "Goals" and then go to the "Conversions" section:



Click on the blue button to create a new conversion action:



Then select "Website" to indicate that you want to track the conversions that will be made on your merchant website:




Enter your domain name and click on "Scan":



You are about to create a new conversion action for your website. Scroll down to the "Create conversion actions manually using code" section and click on "Add a conversion action manually":



Select "Purchase" for the conversion goal:



Then give a name to the conversion. Since it's about sales tracking, you can for example enter "Sales tracking" (but you can choose what you want):



You are then asked to select the conversion value. In the case of a purchase the value is important because it's the price of the order and this one is, of course, different for each conversion made on your website. So you have to select "Use different values for each conversion" and then select the default currency (for example US Dollar (USD $)) and a default value (you can leave the "1" value):



For the "Count" part, select "Every" to indicate that you want each conversion to be counted (if a person places 3 orders after clicking on one of your ads, AdWords will count 3 conversion and not only one):



For the following three settings, you can leave the default values, or change them according to your strategy. In this case, we advise you to read the helping texts that appear when you click on each parameter.



Finally, you are asked to define your attribution model.

To do this, you must first read the documentation provided by Google on attribution models. Click here to consult it. Once you've made your choice, select your model from the drop-down menu. For the example, we'll leave the default choice, i.e. "Data-driven" (note: The first click, linear, time decay, and position-based attribution models will be going away starting in July 2023):



Click "Done" to continue.

Click "Save and Continue":



In the "Set up with a Google tag" section, click on "See event snippet":



Leave "Page load" checked to indicate that you want a purchase to be counted from the moment the order confirmation page is displayed, then click on "Download": 



Save the snippet on your computer and open it with a text editor.

Look at the code after 'send_to'. The part of the code before the "/" is the conversion ID and the part after the "/" is the label:




Copy these two codes into the corresponding boxes in the "Basic" tab of your module:



Save the module "Basic" tab once the codes are copied.

To finish the conversion tag creation, go back to your Google Ads interface and click on the "Done" button:



To know how to test your conversion tag thanks to a test order, read this FAQ.

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