Where can I find my conversion ID and label?

In the "Basic" tab of the Google Ads Conversion Tracking Pro module, you have to enter two codes: your Google Conversion Tracking ID and label:



In order to fill in these identifiers, you need to create a "conversion action" in your Google Ads account.

If you haven't yet created a conversion action in your Google Ads account, follow this FAQ instead. We'll explain how to create one, and how to retrieve your conversion ID and label.

If you've already created your conversion action, here's how to retrieve your conversion ID and label:

In the interface of your Google Ads account, in the left-hand menu, click on "Goals" and then go to the "Conversions" section, in the "Summary" tab:



Click on the name of the conversion action linked to your website:



In the "Details" tab, click on "Tag setup":



Select "Install the tag yourself":



Scroll down to the "Event snippet" section and click on "Download snippet" :



Save the snippet on your computer, then open it with a text editor.

Look at the code after 'send_to'. The part of the code before the "/" is the conversion ID and the part after the "/" is the label:




Copy these two codes into the corresponding fields in the "Basic" tab of your module:



Save the module "Basic" tab once the codes are copied.

To know how to test your conversion tag thanks to a test order, read this FAQ.

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