Do I have to include the user_id tag?

Google Ads made important updates and, if you have a version of the module under 1.6.0, you may have to update your module and activate an option related to the "user_id" parameter.

To verify this, follow the steps below:

In your Google Ads online account, click on "Tools" in the left-hand menu and in the "Shared library" section, click on "Audience manager":



Click on "Audience sources".

You may already have the indication "1 critical issue" and when you click on "Details" you may get the message: Your Google Ads tag is missing "item ID":



In any case, even if you don't see this error message, click the three vertical dots at the top right and select "Edit source".

You then access the settings of the data you want to retrieve thanks to your dynamic remarketing tag. Click "Advanced settings".

You should see an option to add the "User ID" parameter to the tag (below is the option in the old interface):



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