How to customize my Facebook Shop?

Once you have created your Facebook Shop through the Commerce Manager, you can customize it in the Shop Builder before publishing.

The Shop Builder lets you customize your layout and style. You can check the preview to see how everything looks as you make changes to reflect your brand.

First of all, create your collections of products by reading this tutorial. You will then be able to choose which collections to feature on your Shop.

Note: After you create a new collection in your Shop, your Shop will be reviewed to ensure the products and information comply with the Facebook Commerce Policies before customers can see them. Reviews are typically complete within 24 hours.

Once your collections are created, you can modify the style of your Shop: text size and alignment, link colors, button shape, outline and color. You can view the changes you made to your Shop in the preview window and adjust the preview as needed. For example, you’ll be able to switch between light and dark mode to see how your Shop looks in either setting.
To know more about Shop style customization, click here.

Finally know that you can customize the layout of your Shop by adding sections, such as collections, products, or promotion banners, and customize the inventory in your Shop to display all of your products. To know more click here.

If you need to temporarily stop customizing your Shop and come back to it later, Facebook will automatically save your changes so they’ll be ready for you to publish when you’re ready. Otherwise, click Publish Updates once you're finished.

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