How to track the activity accross different devices with User-ID parameter?

The User-ID feature lets you to track the activity of a single user across different sessions, platforms and devices.

Without activating User-ID, a user visiting your site 3 times via 3 different devices will be associated with 3 different users. Google Analytics won't make any links between the 3 sessions, even if the user has logged in to his customer account on your site.

On the other hand, by activating the User-ID, Google Analytics is able to identify the 3 sessions as belonging to the same user, thanks to the connection to his customer account.

Indeed, Analytics interprets each user ID as a separate user, which provides you with more accurate user counts and a more global view of the relationship a user has with your company.

To activate the User-ID function, activate the corresponding option in the module (available from module version 2.2.0) and save :


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