How to translate my CMS pages with the help of AI?

To translate your CMS pages with the help of GPT-4, go to your PrestaShop back-office menu.


Click on "E-commerce Copilot". Two sub-menus appear, one for generating content, the other for translating content:



Click on "Copilot for translating content":



Select "CMS page content" for the type of content to be translated:



Then select the language from which you want to translate the page (the source language), for example, English :



and the language into which you want to translate the page (the destination language), in this case French:



Finally, start typing the title of the CMS page you want to translate and select it from the list that appears:



Click on "Translate":



Wait a few moments:



You'll get a preview of the translation.

Important: We recommend that you always re-read the generated translation to ensure that it uses the correct vocabulary and respects the meaning of the original text.

For example, here, the currency "Dollars" is not the right one, so we replace it with "Euros". Take care to retain HTML tags where present.



Once the translation has been proofread and corrected if necessary, save.



Wait again a few moments and the translated content will be saved on the CMS page:



You can check that the translation is displayed in the configuration of your CMS page in back-office, as well as in your store's front office if the page is already published.




Please note that if you are in the module configuration, you can also access this content translation tool through the "Copilot Access" tab, by clicking on "I need my copilot for a translation":



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