How to import my products into the "Shop" tab of my Facebook page?


Before you can automatically import and update your products in the "Shop" tab of your Facebook page, you must check:


(*)be careful, this shop tab is the one natively made available by Facebook, this cannot be the custom tab created by our "Advanced Shop for Fan Page" module because this latter is not connected to the Business Manager. If you want to configure a custom Facebook shop tab, created by the "Advanced Shop for Fan Page " module, click here.



To import your products in the shop section of your Facebook page, you can:

Go to the Facebook Business Manager and click on the three horizontal bars of the menu. Hover over the "All Tools" words and click "Catalogs":



You can see the list of your Facebook product catalogs: the one made available by Facebook when you added the shop tab and, if it's the case, the catalogs you created by yourself.

The catalog made available by Facebook when you add the "shop" tab on your page is named "Products for x" where x is the name of your Facebook page (you will then be able to change the name of the catalog into catalog's settings). Given that it was created by Facebook and not by you, it cannot be selected and its selection box is grayed out:



This default catalog set by Facebook is already connected to the shop tab of your page. Then, if you add products in it, they will automatically be visible into the shop tab.

To automatically import and update your products in this catalog (and so in your Facebook shop), you are going to use a feed generated by the "Dynamic Ads + Pixel" module.


Important notes:


Follow the procedure below to import your products:

Click the shop connected catalog name, and then click "Add Products":



Select "Use data feeds" to import your products through a feed generated by your module. Click "Next":



As you're about to schedule an automatic update of your product data, click "Set a schedule":



Then, you are asked to enter the data feed URL:


You have two solutions to automatically update your feeds on Facebook (click here for more details):

Important: as previously said, the Facebook default shop tab can only be displayed in a single language and for a single currency. Whichever the solution below you choose, you have to make a choice and select the feed (or XML file) URL that matches this choice.






Once the URL is pasted, if your data feed URL is password protected, enter your login details:



You have then to set the recovery frequency of your data by Facebook. Choose whether you want it to be every hour, every day or every month, and then specify the day/hour of revovery.

Important note: if you have created a CRON task to update an XML file that will be retrieved by Facebook, be careful to set this CRON task so that it updates the XML file before Facebook retrieves it. Also try to space the schedules of both tasks because depending on the size of your catalog, updating the XML file may take more or less time. For example, if you have set your CRON task so that the XML file is updated every day at 3:00 am, set the file recovery by Facebook at 6:00 am. Also, be careful that the time zone selected is the same for the CRON task and for Facebook recovery.



Then enter a name for your data feed. Since this data feed matches with a unique "Country/Language/Currency" group, we advise you to indicate it in the title. Also, as this is the feed that is going to fill your Facebook shop (the default tab) you can also indicate it. For example, for a USA/en/USD feed you can write: "Feed US en USD shop":


Finally, indicate the feed currency:



Click "Start Upload". Your product import on Facebook begins. When it's finished, click "Done":



Check that your products have been imported properly by clicking on "Products" tab:




Then, go to your Facebook page and check that the imported products are also visible into your page shop tab:



Now that you have set automatic product data recovery by Facebook, they will be updated without you having to intervene. However, if for some reason you want to manually start the import of your product data, know that you can do it: in "Data Sources", click on the name of the concerned feed and then on the "Settings" tab from the menu on the left. Finally, click on "Fetch now":

In the "Product Data Sources" tab, click your feed name (in the example this is "Feed US en USD shop") and the "Settings" tab of the left menu. Finally, click "Fetch now" in the "Schedules" section:



Thanks to this product data feed import, you can also create product ads and dynamic remarketing campaigns. However, you will be able to do this only for the language and the currency of the feed set up. For the dynamic remarketing, remember to install a pixel on your PrestaShop site and to link it to the Facebook catalog you just filled out. To know how create and install a pixel click here. To test its working click here.

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