What are the consequences of the release of iOS14 on the module's Facebook Pixel?

At the end of January 2021, Apple announced that it would strengthen the protection of its users' personal data thanks to the "App Tracking Transparency" framework. Specifically, since spring 2021, Apple has required all applications in the App Store to send a prompt to iOS 14 device users, asking them if they want to activate tracking on their device. If they block tracking, Apple prevents the collection and sharing of certain data.

To limit the impact on ad personalization possibilities and enable advertisers to continue optimizing and understanding the performance of their ad campaigns, while respecting user privacy, Meta has implemented an Aggregated Event Measurement tool. It recovers limited measurement of website conversions from people using iOS 14.5 and later devices.

To learn more about using ads on Meta technologies to reach people using iOS 14.5 or later devices, click here.


Be aware that there is absolutely no change to be made in the pixel code installed on your site through our module.

Nor do you need to configure anything in your Business Manager account, as this was the case in 2022. Meta has introduced updates to website conversion campaigns and now, there are no steps you need to take for your events to be processed through Aggregated Event Measurement.


Aggregated Event Measurement is designed to help keep data used to facilitate conversion reporting and ads optimization private.

To learn more about Meta's Aggregated Event Measurement, click here.

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