How to import my products into a Facebook catalog?

Before you can import your products into the Facebook's Business Manager, so you can advertise products and create your Facebook and Instagram Shops, you must first create your Facebook catalog. Click here to know how to do.

Then, you need to start by creating a "main" product feed in which you are going to import the product data corresponding to the default "Country/Language/Currency" group of your shop (the one for which you make the most sales). In a second step, if you have several localization packages installed on your shop (several languages, countries, currencies), you will have to use the country feeds so that Facebook users see a localized version of your product data according to their localization (translation of titles, descriptions, prices and availability adapted to the country, etc.). This will be explained in a second FAQ (link available at the end of this FAQ).


To import your products corresponding to your main "Country/Language/Currency" group, follow the procedure below:
















        - OR XML data file recovery method (catalog > 30 000 products):








You will also find your products in the "Items" tab of the "Catalog" section of the menu on the left (if they are not yet present, remember to reload the page):



If for any reason you want to import your products without waiting for the next automatic update, you can do so by going to the "Data Sources" tab, clicking on the name of your feed and going to the "Settings" sub-tab. Then click on "Request Update Now" in the "Schedules" section:




Once you have imported your main product data (corresponding to the main "Country/Language/Currency" group of your shop), you can create country feeds in this same catalog to import the localized data corresponding to your other "Country/Language/Currency" groups. To know how to do it, go to this FAQ.


Finally, don't forget that to track the activity of your customers and vistors on your shop and be able to set dynamic remarketing ads, you have to install a Facebook pixel on your shop. To know how to create and install it, click here. To test the pixel working, click here.

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