Why were my products refused by Google ?

After you import your feed on Google, it will go through several validation processes to verify that it conforms to the requirements laid down by Google.

Our module is regularly updated in order to conform to the Google last requirements. We do our best to not export the products that would generate refusals from Google. This in order to prevent you from having your account banned. Moreover, the module offers a diagnostic tool allowing you to test the quality of your feeds before sending them to Google. To learn more about the working of the module's diagnostic tool, click here.

So, if you receive a message telling you that some of your products were not accepted because they do not comply with Google's policies, this no longer has anything to do with the module. This is a problem due to the nature of your products and / or the content you sent to Google.

In order to solve this products refusal problem, please refer to the Google Shopping policies.

If you are unable to figure out why your products don't comply from this information page on Google's website, then you will need to contact them via their dedicated contact form.

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