How to configure the chat opening schedule?

To set up chat activation times, go to the "Advanced settings" tab, in the "Chat opening schedule" section. Click on the days for which you or your team are available to respond to messages sent via the chats. This schedule will apply to all active chats.

For example, if you want to activate chats only on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, select those days:



Chats will not be visible on your site on closed days (so, in the example above, they will not be displayed on Monday, Saturday and Sunday).

For a 7 days / 7 opening, click directly on the green button "Open 7/7". Similarly, to disable chats completely, click on the yellow button "Closed 7/7". Please note that if you only want to disable chats temporarily, without having to change the opening schedule, you can use the global deactivation option above the schedule. Click here to learn more.

You can restrict the opening periods to certain hours only, by using the "Opening hours" fields. By default, the fields are empty, which means 24 hours opening on the selected days above. By clicking on the small clock in each field, you can set opening hours (chats will be activated and will appear on your site) for morning and afternoon and closing hours (chats will be deactivated and will not be visible on your site) for morning and afternoon. Please note that as soon as you enter a time in a field, all fields must be filled in.

To reset the chat to a 24 hour opening time, click on the green button "Set a 24-hour opening".


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