How to create my TikTok app?

To set up a TikTok connector on your PrestaShop site, you must first create a TikTok application. This application must be submitted for validation. Once validated, you will have access to the information needed to configure the connection between your site and the TikTok service.

To create your TikTok application, follow the procedure below:

Go to the TikTok for developers website. If you don't have a developer account yet, create one by clicking on "Sign up", otherwise click on "Log in":


Once connected, in "Manage apps" click on "Connect an app" :



Your new application is called "Appxxxxxx" where "xxxxxx" is a random number sequence. You can change its name later.

In "App details", you cannot yet access the Client key and the Secret Client because you must first configure the application and submit it for validation. Go to the "Configuration" section.

Download the icon for your application (required).
Warning: the icon must correspond exactly to the logo of your online store.




Change the name of your application.
Warning: the name must correspond exactly to the name of your online store.



Select the "Shopping" category:



Give a description of your application and explain what you will use it for.
Warning: your description must be less than 120 characters.

For example, you can try this text (we advise you to write in English):

App used to make the link between my e-shop and TikTok when people will click on the TikTok login button to log in.



Activate the configuration for web :



Enter the URL of your store:



Scroll to the top of the page and click on "Save changes" to save:



Now click on "Add a product" in the left menu:



In the "Products" section fill in the URL of your site's terms of service, the URL of your site's privacy policy (it can be the same) and the domain of your store:



Finally, click on "Submit for review" at the top of the page:



Explain why you want to validate this application.
Warning: the text must be less than 120 characters.

You can for example try this text:

I need to create an app to set the TikTok login button on my e-shop. I need to make the link between my site and TikTok



Click on "Submit".

Your application will now be examined by TikTok. Once it is validated, you will be able to access the Client key and the Client secret and paste them into the connector configuration in the module.



When your application is validated, go to the configuration of your Social Login module and click on the tab "Social login buttons configuration". On the line corresponding to the TikTok connector, click on the small stylus to access the connector configuration ("Edit" column):



Select YES to enable the connector to be displayed on your site:



Fill in the button text, if it is not filled in the language of your site, and translate it into all the languages available on your site.
Warning: You can change the text of the button. However, it is your responsibility to always respect the official guidelines of the social network regarding the text you can use for its buttons. We therefore advise you to check, for each language of your site, the official text requested by TikTok.



Now go to your TikTok application on the TikTok for developers site. In "App details", click on the small closed eye, at the level of "Client key": 



Copy the Client key :




Do the same for the Secret client:


Note: for the moment, TikTok does not ask you to copy the callback URL in the application configuration on the TikTok for developers site. We give it to you anyway as an information.

Click on the "Update" button.

That's it, your TikTok connector is configured. All that remains is to position it where you want on your site, either by using the native hooks (tab "Connectors position management (native hooks)") or by using the advanced position tool.

Once this is done, you can test the connector to see how it works.

Here is an example (here the TikTok application is called LoginWebsite):



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